Robert Hood @ Weather Festival Paris, The Essentials

Loops And Samples for Free

Floorplan aka Robert Hood, in his element, doing a minimalistic techno set, with just a bit of house moments. Not to hard, not to obscure, just right for the real techno heads. Droping a number of cult tracks of the techno genre.

Set was recorded at  Weather Festival in Paris, the crowd looks just about right for this selection of music. 

Robert Hood, developed his minimalistic style all the way back in the 1990's, working with the likes of Jeff Mills, running Axis Records together. He is also a founding member of Underground Resistance, and acted as theirs "Minister Of Information". Today he is considered to be one of the founders of minimal techno, and one of the producers with most consistent style. He used a number of aliases during the years, such as: Monobox, Inner Sanctum, The Vision and others. Recordings done with Jeff Mills, were signed as H&M.

Beacause of his uniqueness, and uncompromising aproach to music, he is stil relevant today as he was from the beginning.