Ian Pooley Reveals His Secret Weapon

Loops And Samples for Free

Techno and house legend Ian Pooley decided to reveal one of the secrets of his unique sound. The man that started his career back in the 1993. is in his studio talking about the piece of hardware that makes his sound so unique and his tracks a choice for so many of underground DJ's, spanning from deep house to funky techno. His discography is so rich that it takes a couple of pages, and you can see it below (source: Wikipedia). He is also running his own label, Pooled Music.

Thos of you who are into electronic music production, have probably noticed that his filtering of samples has a consistent flawor, always sounding exiting in the same time. So here is the secret: Akai MFC42. This is a true analog filter module, designed to be used primarily with Akai MPC 2000, but it can be used to process any sound source really. Ian put it to good use.


1993 The Latest Adventures of Kool Killer, as Space Cube
1995 Relations
1996 The Times
1998 Meridian
1999 The Allnighter/Calypso
2000 Since Then
2002 The IP Series
2004 Souvenirs
2005 A Subterranean Soundtrack
2008 In Other Words
2013 What I Do

Ian Pooley

1993 "Limited Edition"
1994 "Pulse Code EP", as Ian Pooley & Alec Empire (with Alec Empire)
1994 "Roller Skate Disco"
1994 "Twin Gods EP"
1995 "Twin Gods Vol. 2"
1995 "Celtic Cross EP"
1995 "Celtic Cross Remixes"
1995 "My Anthem"
1995 "Today"
1996 "Chord Memory"
1996 "Two Space Cowboys on a [Bad] Trip to Texas", as Ian Pooley & The Jaguar (with Alec Empire)
1996 "What's Your Number"
1997 "Calypso EP"
1997 "Gimme Sound"
1997 "Higgledy Piggedly"
1998 "Followed"
1998 "Loopduelle"
1998 "Rock Da Discoteque EP"
1998 "What's Your Number" (re-release)
1999 "Coldwait"
2000 "900 Degrees"
2000 "Coração Tambor" (with Rosanna & Zélia)
2000 "The Allnighter EP"
2001 "Balmes (A Better Life)" (with Esthero)
2002 "Traffic"
2002 "The Fly Shuffle"
2002 "Niteflite"
2002 "Missing You"
2002 "Ready to Flow"
2002 "Piha", as Ian Pooley & Magik J (with Magik J)
2003 "Here We Go!"
2003 "Heke", as Ian Pooley & Magik J (with Magik J)
2004 "Searchin'"
2004 "Heaven" (with Jade and Danni'elle)
2005 "Samo Iluzija"
2006 "Higgledy Piggedly 2006"
2006 "Celtic Cross 2006"
2007 "All Nite"

1994 "Sweet & Sour EP"
1996 "Plastered EP"
1996 "Elastic EP"
1998 "Limer"
2005 "Right in the Night EP"

Space Cube
All are collaborations with DJ Tonka
1991 "Space Cube EP"
1991 "Sub Audible"
1992 "Kool Killer EP"
1992 "Kool Killer Vol. 2"
1993 "Kool Killer Vol. 3"
1993 "Kool Killer Mixes EP"
1993 "Unreleased Project EP"
1993 "The Latest Adventures of Kool Killer EP"
1994 "Dschungelfieber"
1994 "Inbound/Outbound"
1995 "Kommerz Killer/Big Bam Bam"
1997 "Unreleased Space Cube Tracks"

All are collaborations with DJ Tonka
1991 "Low Mass EP"
1991 "Trip Men"
1991 "Do You Still Care" (with Marie Pullins)
1992 "Beam EP"
1993 "Depart EP"
1993 "Dream Team EP"
1993 "I Want To Be Free"
1994 "Mad Situation/Be Straight"

Other aliases
1991 "Emperor/Daylight", as Outrage (with DJ Tonka)
1993 "The Modular", as The Modulor
1996 "Next to Nowhere", as Ansicht
1996 "Skippin' EP", as John Skipper Trax
1996 "Roll With It!", as The Low Frequency Band
1996 "Ice Fractions 1", as Silvershower
1996 "Ice Fractions 2", as Silvershower
1997 "Enlite EP", as Bluelite
1999 "Enlite Juice", as Bluelite
1999 "Valle Valle!", as Pinnchiky"
2001 "Viewing a Decade EP", as Quiet Daze
2002 "Skippin' EP", as John Skipper Trax (re-release)