This Guy Runs Doom On Pioneer DJ Controller (XDJ-RX2)

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Since today pretty much every piece of electronics is a full blown computer, its just a matter of creativity and tinkering to find unusual or funny uses it. Anyway it doesn't ceases to amaze me what some people are doing.

This guy, TheRasteri (link to channel) posted a video in which he demonstrates running Doom on a Pioneer XDJ-RX2. The process of making this work is described in the video description, including compiling Doom to run on the controller's processor (ARM architecture, like in your Android phone..), some soldering, getting root access to device etc. Will repost it below the video.

Also, if you like tinkering with tech and software, his channel is worth checking out, as it contains some more interesting projects.

From original description of the video:

Based on work by

Instructions to get this to work :
(do not attempt this unless you're good at soldering/linux/etc)

1. Cross-compile fbDOOM for ARM -
2. Put it on a USB stick alongside DOOM.WAD from the shareware release (or full version if you like)
3. Connect a 3.3v UART to port CN1002 on the main PCB (1=3.3v, 2=TXD, 3=RXD, 4=GND)
4. Get Root ( )
5. kill rbp
6. run fbDOOM from the usb stick (it gets mounted in /media/usbx/sda1)