Support for Kraviz: Keep on Dancing Nina!

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Nina Kraviz, foto: Stefan Jokic  - Instagram

Nina Kraviz has been appearing a lot on my facebook timeline for a while now. It was obvious that she is in the spotlight of techno scene for some time now. Not a surprise, very sexy girl that also plays good techno music and has solid DJ skills.

However, recently I noticed a new trend. A lot of people have been posting clips from Nina's shows with comments that they are disgusted by her stage appearance, how she uses her sex appeal a bit like an exotic dancer. Also one of the arguments was that she is not a "serious" DJ and so on...

Nina Kraviz @ EXIT 2016

It is a bit of a surprise for me, cause I always considered techno people to be open minded. This kind of puristic comments triggered the "something is not right here" alarm. It looks like these people forgot what "dance" music is about. I am not saying that techno music can't relay some deeper messages, but it is a "dance" music. Sometimes we forget that electronic "dance" music is about loosing yourself for a while in the act of dancing with like minded people. In my opinion there is no place for judgment there.

So keep on dancing Nina!