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Player Vinyl Label
Player Vinyl Label

If you were spinning techno some years age, you couldn't miss at least one of the mysterious vinyl releases labeled with artist name Player and a release number. I sure didn't.

For me that was the time before googling anything and everything. I didn't know who or what is behind the Player name, an to be frank, I didn't want to know. The whole thing was adding some mystery around the music, that made it even better. The music itself was very good, banging techno tunes, with some electro influence and uplifting and some times a bit trashy vocals. You could put on any of that records at any techno party and you would get an instant reaction from the crowd. 

Later I found out that there are four guys behind that alias, and here are their names, so that you don't have to go to discogs: Jon Nuccle, Mark Turner, Pete Simpson, Richard Wilkinson.

The main thing is that now you can get their whole discography for as low as 5.80£. The platform is, and if you don't know, their rules are simple, they let artists sell their music directly on their page and set the minimum price. That means that you can pay more to the artist if you want.

All in all, head to and don't miss a chance to have that banging sounds for that little money.