Sam Monie - Haircut, Acid Lovers Holiday

Loops And Samples for Free

A thing to admire these days is surely originality. This release has a dose of it. Most artists today tent to fall for the cliche, and that's the reason you can't tell one techno release from another.

I am talking in the first place about the title track Haircut. The theme of the leading line is interesting in itself, but it gets even better when it develops in a completely different soundscape. It's a very good use of acid sound, without making it sound like a corny 90's trance, like most artist are currently doing.

Mr C's Remix is also very good, bit more groovy, two acid lines are intertwining in the manner that prevents track from getting boring.

I Try and Dowally  are decent tracks, not bad but not very special either, so I would keep the accent on the first two. Check out for yourself.

Nice job Sam Monie!