REVIEW: Einzelkind - Free Savioni EP

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REVIEW: Einzelkind - Free Savioni EP
REVIEW: Einzelkind - Free Savioni EP

This comes as a bit of unusual thing for me, cause I generally like the Cocoon label, and generally except their releases to bring the sound that is not the usual "big label" techno, this one is "just good enough".

Over the years I grew to like the Cocoon releases cause of their ability to try new things in music and not comply to current hype, but this time it seems to me that they have done just that. Don't get me wrong, this new release by Einzelkind is not bad, in fact this release is probably better than 90% of the releases these days, but it does not leave a strong impression.

There are two solid tracks, that are based on great loops, but feel kind of empty. The monotony is broken here and there by some variations, the second one filled up by a vocal sample and small synt part in the brake. Not one is memorable in any way, but in the same time both can do well in some creative mix, so its up to the DJ to make something of it.

I expected more from this artist and the label that released so many