Raito - Believe In Me, Not Bad But...

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New release on Intec Digital by Raito (and T78, on the last track) sounds good, will work on the floor, but doesn't manage to fully escape the current techno cliché...

All the tracks are well produced and have a powerful groove. The title track, Believe In Me is based around the synth line that's kinda retro and develops fully in the brake. Lost Temple is more all about the percussions, basically a good loop for the mix. The last one that is signed by both Raito and T78 is titled Can You See. It has a nice balance of vocal samples and funky synth, the brake is made very effective by finishing it with a bit of breakbeat.

The main impression for me is that this is not a bad release, but its too much alike every other one these days. Empty beats after the brake (that should make the crowd scream I guess :)), predictive reverbed synth sounds, it all reflects the current trend of making the techno sound more like commercial EDM music, in my opinion techno should be a lot more interesting and innovative, Intec could do better, especially if we remember the quality and creativity of the releases that they used to release. Lets remember some: