REVIEW: Heiko Laux – Klockworks 17

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Heiko Laux – Klockworks 17
Heiko Laux – Klockworks 17

Heiko Laux on Klockworks, sounds promising, and this record also delivers. First track "Savannah" is a deep, atmospheric theme, with deep toms and hi hats as the only rhythm elements. The synth sounds are cutting through the atmosphere of the track that is fairly empty, but the few elements that are there are making it somehow rounded up. "Dry Me" comes in two versions, "Acid Mix" is based around a 303 loop, that consists of only one note, that gets modulated through the track, also there is a big kick drum, again a fairly minimalist approach, but works beautiful with the given elements. "Dry Me" in the original version has a softer synth chord instead of the acid one, and its still a stomper track, although a bit more smooth, the small percussive elements really comes to focus. Heiko Laux has proved once more that sometimes less is more.