Phase Lets You Scratch Without The Needle

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French company MWM showcased their new product at NAMM show, and it is something that we haven's seen yet. Phase is a device that does the same thing as a timecode record, but without the use of the needle.

The small device is mounted on the spindle of the turntable so that it rotates along with the record. The motion of the device is detected and sent wirelessly to the hub that converts it to timecode for your DVS software (Serato, Traktor...). This removes the need for the whole tonearm of the turntable. So, no more buying new needles when old ones get worn out or broken, and no more skipping when turntable gets shaken. At least that is what the MWM company claims. Several turntablists were performing with it during the show, and it all seemed to work flawlessly.

The device uses a proprietary method for wireless communication, the hub is also used as a charger for the pieces that go on the turntables, and the battery should last for 10 hours with 1 hour charge. It should be out this summer at around 300$.

All of this sounds very interesting, we will see will it live up to the hype.