Roland Enters Moog Territoty, With Boutique Series Synt?

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Photo: Youtube screenshot
Photo: Youtube screenshot

Roland teamed up with Studio Electronics in order to use their experience in analog synts to make the first analog synt in the Boutique series. As far as we can hear from the few demos out there, it sounds very interesting.

 Cooperation of this kind of respectable manufacturers in interesting by itself, but when we know that Boutique series is meant to be cheap, the things get even more interesting for a lot of people.

The box resembles is a bit in the Moog style, which make sense if you want to get people interested in the analog synt. It has tree oscillators and all the standard features of true analog synt, but it also offers more. Roland has a habit of putting a step sequencers in their machines, so this oun has it also, and it has the ability to store a lot of patterns which is a big plus. It is advertised to have a really full sound, and that its also very clear on the high end. We eagerly wait for more previews.

Not much is shown it this short preview, but we can hear a bit more in the following video that is a pure sound demo: