Denon's New DJ SC5000 Player, Allegedly...

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Denon's New DJ SC5000 CD Player
Denon's New DJ SC5000 CD Player

An image of new Denon media player appeared on Facebook and Twitter, still nothing on the official site tough. Never the less, image seems to have already caused some discussion between the Denon DJ gear users.

The main thing is that, on the first look, it looks as a badly designed Pioneer knock-off. The big display, the jog wheel look, all is there. While some of the users that are used to Pioneer players look will like this, I think that traditional Denon users will be disappointed. Aldo always an underdog in this market, Denon was pulling some users toward their products cause they were different than Pioneer's. Denon has been praised by DJ's that are more into traditional DJing, they loved the huge jog wheels, the motorized platter and overall vinyl emulation of earlier models (SC3900, DNS3700...). Those market was even able to look away from the obvious advantages that competition had. 

I am aware that that the number of this guys gets smaller and smaller every year, and that Denon had to turn to the new generation of "button pushing" DJ's that are all about new features. So that's exactly what their new player looks like (if the photos aren't fake), a recognizable user interface, with some extra buttons.

I will not judge the features of this device based on the picture alone, lets wait for the device itself to be confirmed.