Jeff Mills @ Liquid Room, A Piece Of History

Loops And Samples for Free

Here we have a real rarity. A hard to find video from Liquid Room, Tokio, showing young Jeff Mills doing his magic. I don't mind the bad quality of the video and sound, and I am thankful to the guy who found this and shared it to Youtube. It was the time when DJ-ing was about skill, and building a unique sound. Jeff Mills (The Wizard) exceled in both of those elements.

Back in the late 1980's, he founded a techno collective known as Underground Resistance, together with "Mad" Mike Banks, hosted the radio show that featured his beat juggling and scratch routines, and was crucial for giving radio time to other Detroit artists, that will become big (Derrick MayKevin SaundersonJuan Atkins).

This video is from 1990's, beacause in that period he was already all about techno. He was performing across the world and producing his own tracks. In 1992. the Axis label was born, in collaboration with Robert Hood. That label became a platform for their own minimalistic sound, although Jeff's sound was a bit more "warmer" and tribalistic. He has develop his mixing style, on 3 turntables, using tracks as tools, and changim grooves very fast. This was a gold age of techno, when everything was new and interesting. Enjoy!