REVIEW: Adonys - Plastic Escape (Debut)

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Adonys - Plastic Escape EP
Adonys - Plastic Escape EP

First release on new label Mystic Jupiter, and seems to be the first release by Adonys, so far an unknown artist, at least for me. Very nice first impression is all that I can say, solid EP called "Plastic Escape". First track "Midnight Circles" is an minimalistic techno track, with an acid line, seems that it could be produced a bit better, but its still good, the second "Midnight Circles (Synth edit)" is basically a pulsating synth line, with some sporadic samples and a few brakes, can be used like a DJ tool, but that's about it. As you can see, I am not very impressed with the firs two tracks, why do the review then at all?

The other half of the EP is the real stuff if you ask me. "Plastic Escape" is another techno track with a base in acid line again, but this time better done, it has that hypnotic taste. "Plastic Escape (remix)" is my clear favorite. Almost the same acid line to start with, but with a fuller groove, faster, and more convincing over all, definitely something that every techno DJ should consider playing some part of the night.