REVIEW: Agonis - Panspermia, Limited Edition

Loops And Samples for Free

Very nice piece of vinyl, first thing that you notice is the interesting cover, and than when you take the record out, you realize that it's a thick heavyweight one. The sound is heavyweight also, 3 tracks. "A Well-Known Stranger" is the opening one, smooth and deep techno sound, lead arpeggio backed up by some nice back synth, and a simple bass line to underline it all. "Armed With Poison", a completely different story, full blown pumping techno, faster as well, again with the arpeggio as a lead, but the groove is more heavy, coming out from the brake, definitely serious floor stuff. The third one, "Orange" has a lead synth line that sounds good, and is not getting boring, cause the producer played around a lot with it, the beat is very funky. Nice rounded up release!