REVIEW: Alavux - Plant EP, Very Dark Techno

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Alavux - Plant EP, Release Cover
Alavux - Plant EP, Release Cover

For those of you that are not familiar with the work of the Serbian artist Alavux, here is a chance to meet him. He is producing music for years now that is somewhat a crossover between techno and electro. "Plant EP" is more on the techno side of his spectrum, and in the same time one of the darkest records that I have heard in a long time, in a good way.

The EP consists of 4 tracks with generic names. Plant 0.1 is a classic acid techno banger, with a lead in a 303 style, heavy beat on a 130+ bpm. Plant 0.2 is also based on acid sound, but the beat is broken, and some interesting things are happening on the highest part of the frequency spectrum. Plant 0.3 slows down a bit, but still has that raw sound, distorted kick drum and sharp high hats. This time the lead is not on the 303, but on the synth, a bit softer and more melodic. The forth one, you guess it, Plant 0.4 has two lead sounds that are helping one another to get the full effect. At some point they get underlined by one more dark synth, that makes the picture even fuller. The beat is a bit quieter on this one.

To sum things up, if you like dark sounds, pumping and distorted kicks, acid and electro sounds, big hi hats and rides, you have to check this one. I would also recommend to check out other works of Alavux, to hear the more versatile side of his production.