REVIEW: Keith Carnal - Aluminium

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Keith Carnal - Aluminium
Keith Carnal - Aluminium

Arts label, release number 17, a 4 track vinyl by Keith Carnal. The release sounds like its done with patience, classic techno grooves, not dry loops but filled with synts and slow building atmospheres.

Aluminium strait beat, 4 to the floor, synt loop is slowly coming in, then there is a atmospheric one, that starts deep and gets opened in time and then closed, then it gets delayed, and the play continues, great sound.

Shallow has a similar construction, the brake is more emphasized, and it has a bit more going on on the hi hats. Another solid one.

Racidence is a typical acid techno track. Built around a 303 line that gets followed with fast hats and a ride cymbal. That and a long uplifting brake makes this one a proper festival banger.

And for the end, Keep is a deeper one, very hypnotic, lead synt phrase is moved from the grid by a delay, so that it has a very good swing, but also fits on the beat.

This release will instantly fit in a record bag of most techno DJ's, especially those who like to build their sets slowly.