REVIEW: Takasi Nakajima - Basic Math EP

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Takasi Nakajima - Basic Math EP
Takasi Nakajima - Basic Math EP

Debut vinyl by Takasi Nakajima, and a very serious one. "Basic Math EP" is a very good release, on a Indigo Aera Holland,a label that already had some great releases by artists like: Mark Williams, Vince Watson, Jonas Kopp... "Basic Math One" is merely an intro, 7 minutes long, but still an intro, repeating synth, some modulations on it, and a few samples more. The real stuff starts with the "Basic Math Two", deep, dub oriented techno track, with a funky groove, a mellow synth pad and a hypnotic synth line. "Basic Math Three", even better, more energy, better buildup on synth, and more groovy. The last one "Basic Math Four" is a bit more minimalistic, slightly darker track. 

To sum it up, very good release, especially for the first on, hope Takasi Nakajima, will keep up the good work.