REVIEW: Various - Elektrax Techno 1

Loops And Samples for Free

Elektrax label, various artist release. No bullshit, four track, vinyl techno EP. No ambient intros, no empty dub mixes. A record for a classic techno DJ with all four tracks very usable in the mix.

A.Paul is the man behind track number one. Purpose is a nicely flowing driving track, powerful groove, based around a lead that gets destroyed in the brake, just to get going again.

Niereich - Code I is also very groovy, with hypnotic synth lead, and another one that plays one note that creates the tension. The artist plays with the effects and envelop on the main synth along the way.

Angy Kore - Banned is much darker, has some vocal samples, and a very good clap and high hat thing going on that break the darkness of the overall track. Huge break, then back into the darkness.

For the end my favorite Andreas Florin - Toroidal Power. gain very hypnotic, with some percussions that make a whole track sound somehow brighter, in contrast to some sharp synth sounds.

This release reminded me of some records that I still love, even if they are worn out to the level of nearly not playable. Those were the record that were not hits, not recognizable by the audience, but you could always use them in the mix, to keep the intensity and the flow.