Shlomi Aber - Paradox EP, Bare Bones Techno

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Shlomi Aber - Paradox EP, cover
Shlomi Aber - Paradox EP, cover

Shlomi Aber is a name that is well known to most techno lovers. Here we have his new vinyl release on Be As One label. This record has only one purpose, and its to make you sweat somewhere in the middle of a banging techno set.

Paradox is a very simply arranged track, the artist is playing with effects on a vocal sample trough the whole track, followed by a hard kick drum, very few other drum sounds, and a small synt part. Its very hypnotic, sits well in the mix, and is best played overlapping with at least one more channel. The tool version is just the vocal channel with effects progression.

Markus Suckut remix of the title track is also very simple but has a good groove. He didn't used the vocal, his groove is harder, and he has a interesting one note synt sound that is just right.

Monday Paranoia is my favoite on the release, again very minimalistic, two note synt, some claps and hats, but the key is in the backing sound that ties the whole track together.

All in all, solid release, not the best one by Shlomi, but worth buying for the sake of mix.